Hi! Thanks for checking in. My name is Tijmen (like Simon with a 'T'), I'm a Dutch photographer and videographer, roaming the world in search of opportunities to create compelling visuals. I started as a concert photographer with bands all over Europe. Later on, I focused more on travel, nature, documentary and events.

My passion to bring you the finest images takes me to a great variety of exotic locales on beautiful planet earth. From the cold mountain tops of the Alps to the dry, vast lands of the Mongolian Desert, the bustling metropoles and tiny villages in Asia and South America to the dynamic sea- and landscapes of Southern Europe.

I've been lucky enough to have captured beautiful images working together with international clients including small sustainable local brands, international organizations, TV stations, newspapers, and a lot of bands.

Epic Photo Prints was founded to bring the wonders of the world into your home. I am convinced that every piece of art will enrich your space and inspires you to travel and appreciate our amazing planet even more.

With every purchase, you invest in planet earth and humanity. 10% of the profit will be invested in global nature conservation and education in developing countries. Read below about the 22 Stars Foundation that you will support.

Thank you for showing interest in purchasing a unique piece of art. I am convinced that it will be love at first sight! If there's anything I can help you with, please do send me a message to or fill in the contact form.

Have a wonderful day!
Tijmen Hobbel

Thank you for investing in the following causes with every purchase!


"Our mission is to empower families in Uganda to rise above poverty through Education, Entrepreneurship and Local Leadership: we want them to become self-sustainable!

What makes us different from other organisations is that our projects are aimed at strengthening the community as a whole. We work in the poorest areas of Kampala and Jinja, where the need for even the most basic essentials is high. Through our project managers, who themselves are members of these communities, we can communicate with the community directly to understand what they see as their principal needs. Our intention is to collaborate so that our projects can have the most effective impact, with enduring results"

I know Stella, the founder, personally. She does an amazing job contributing to the education and well being for the people in this part of the world. I can promise you that 100% of every donation will be used for the cause.

For more information, please visit